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All donations go to
support our charities.

We suggest $7.50 (£5), 
per download. 

Beating Eggs


345 donated recipes. 

The majority use common ingredients But some are decidedly different. 

Food Photography


Tasty food from the 223
countries in the Rotary World and the stories behind the dishes. 


Aruba  Rotary lettuce soup saved a nation’s lettuce crop when Covid19 prevented its export.

Tomato Soup


Alison, age 8, made us

Antarctic Sledging Biscuit.

Raw Beef on Wooden Plate


Feijoada was sent to us from Brazil but is also eaten in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Timor, Goa, and Macau. It must be good!

Kneading Dough



"Haudie's Tuna à la King tastes good and protects you from mosquitos and lions".

Green Goodness

Thanks to Alison Leon, a South African living in Canada who sent us the recipe for Chipguazu that her Paraguayan Husband Roberto is always asked to take to when they go places. 

Cooking in Nature

Sweet Things

Other Dishes

Like Afghani Rice with Chickpeas
As my mother used to make.

I don’t think you will find the
equivalent of this recipe
anywhere else because I believe
my mother
was taught to cook rice in this way by my grandmother who came from Persia (today’s Iran)”.

Bowl of Rice

The history of the creation of Australia’s beloved Lamingtons reflects the history of the country.

Meringue Cookies


The Facebook Foodie shares her recipe for Macadamia Nut Pesto, based on nuts from where she grew up.

Outdoor Snack

What on Earth is a...

Hodge Podge

Rotarians Against Malaria explain Mumu cooking in Papua New Guinea

Food Vehicle

Cookery terms and names of ingredients differ around the world. One person’s rutabaga could be another one’s neep or turnip. So we have included a reference section aimed at sorting out confusions.

Lots of Links


Several of the recipes are reproduced with permission from well known bloggers, foodie web sites and authors so you get links to a range of web sites and resources relating to food the world over.




Polio was once more feared than COVID 19 but thanks to vaccination many people  do not remember its horrors.

At the end of the 1980s, more than 350,000 children were paralyzed by polio every year all over the world. Today, Rotary and its partners have reduced the incidence of polio by 99.9 percent. However, until we see the last of the poliovirus, eradication efforts need additional funding.




more than 400 million

children against polio

every year

disease surveillance systems 
to detect any poliovirus in a 
person or the environment

more than 150,000 health
workers to go door to
door to find every child

The Gates Foundation triple any donation made to Rotary’s End Polio Fund.


These Barrels improve Lives

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It only costs: £35/$50 delivered

Roll Out the Barrel

Roll Out the Barrel aims to STOP anyone, especially small children, from carrying water, sometimes many miles in searing temperatures or through muddy fields, we provide a simple economic solution by sending a 30 litre Roll-Along Water Barrel. 

This prevents problems associated with water collection including physical deformity and compressed organs faced by people, more often than not young children, in developing countries.

These barrels improve lives, PLAIN and SIMPLE! And it only costs £35/$50 delivered

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Every Cent Counts!

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We would like to thank Shelter box for permission to use recipes donated to their Shine campaign

Right now, more than 113 million people around the world have been made homeless by disaster and conflict.  Shelterbox is working to change this. By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, they transform despair into hope.

They want to see a world where no family is left without shelter after disaster.

Find out more at


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Every cent, penny and rupee counts in eradicating polio and easing the burden of water collection. We would like $7.50 US or equal in your currency, that is less than 2 cents a recipe. With that, we can buy 6 vaccines and a bit of a barrel. At $15 dollars (23 recipes per dollar) we can do twice as much. So please give what you can afford, even if it is less than $7.50 because every little bit achieves something.

Important please read before Donation

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  • when you have paid PayPal you see this window 

  • if for some reason you do not get redirected.

  • click on the blue link "Return to Rotary E-Club of Innovation" at the bottom of this window

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  • now you will see a new page with download instructions.

  • if for some reason you are still stuck, please do not hesitate to contact us directly
    click here to email us.

Donate & Download

About Us:


Food the World Over is  a Rotary eClub of Innovation Project

find out more about the Club and Rotary at

Two members, Caroline and Jack have collected these recipes over three years by and from Rotarians and their friends,  these recipes represent the 223 countries in the Rotary family. There are“ national” dishes , family heirlooms and new creations.


Each recipe reflects the style of its author, including professional recipe writers and others who had never described their favourite meal before. Most can be made from internationally available ingredients, while  some are decidedly different.


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